Old is just an age, not a label!

Tried something new this week on FB live and now I'm sharing it here.  So many people are out of sorts, like something in the air.  Quite a few friends find their lives, their emotions raw for a variety of reasons.  I've had some things I've been struggling with but more like birth pains.  Struggling with getting a concept born into the world like the fully formed baby with life ahead of it.

So all of that inspired a bit of a rambling, not quite a rant (and I appear to have a need for words beyond "amazing"!).  I hope it brings you a little inspiration during a difficult time or gets you fired up to keep up the fine fight!


Your Brand, Your Style...What does it say about you?

I've been thinking about style lately.  It makes a difference to have your own unique style that fits your brand, your personality, your work and allows you to accomplish your goals comfortably.  Clothes can get in the way of life and work(can't get nothing done if you're uncomfortable, no one will take you seriously if you're dressed funny).
Ona Camera bag, Vintage Pentax 645 NII film camera, Hex iPad cover,
Roper Boots, Nine West wedge pumps, Ebay Camera Scarf, Nordstrom
Tunic, Sweater & leggings, T-shirt & Sueded leggings from Target.

When I attended the Promoting Passion Conference with Brooke Shaden in October, one of the speakers, Tamara Lackey talked about saving time and creative energy by simplifying your wardrobe.  She mentioned how Steve Jobs wore the same thing everyday so as to not waste a minute thinking about something so unimportant to what he wanted to accomplish.  She lives a very busy life with lots of pots on the fire while still raising a family.  I love that she readily shares that she is still looking for an easier way to get things done and accomplish her goals.  (Put the kids to bed in their school clothes!  I wish I had thought of that when the kids were young.)

Another thing that got me thinking is helping someone choose the clothes they will wear in court. It is a very important matter, it means being heard fairly with a future in the balance.  I read up on the subject and was very surprised to find that many people don't think about that...even for a traffic ticket or divorce court.  Well maybe I'm not that surprised, have you seen what Pamela Anderson wears to court? There's some funny stuff about what people wear to court.  Obviously dress appropriately for the occasion never crossed some peoples mind.  

Although I am an old broad, I used to work in fashion off and on.  I designed clothes, I worked in retail sales management as well as a stint in Alterations at Saks Fifth Avenue.  What an education in fashion to touch a one of a kind Bill Blass double faced fabric dress!  So dressing plain and in all black is just not my thing.  I've also been small and I've been large.  I've learned that wearing all black only works when you've paid good money for your clothes.  That cheap polyester pair of pants and shirt does not look professional unless you're part of the catering staff that will probably wear the meal at the end of the night so it makes sense to be so practical.  But I'm here to tell you that all black makes no one smaller.  

I've always believed that you dress the best you can in whatever age or size you are.  As a photographer I want to dress for comfort but I want to look good doing my job as professionally as I can.  I offer a quality result and charge a pretty penny.  I don't want to spend all my profits on clothes when there are bills to pay.  I also don't want to spend all my time thinking about what to wear.  I've got to style the shoot, plan the travel, pack the equipment and props or at least make sure the assistant has gotten the packing done!  

So I chose my wardrobe for a successful year yet I made it easy on myself.It's kind of like the old line of kids clothes that were called Geranimals.  The giraffe tag shirt went with the giraffe tag pants and you could mix and match the African animals but never with the House pets. Okay, I made that last part up but you get the idea.  

This year my wardrobe is all about comfort with style.  Solid color tunic tops in quality knits like side tail t -hirts, tunic sweaters and in denim to go with comfy ponte knit and stretch denim leggings.  I love scarves and I found some fun big drape-y camera scarves that are just too fun.For consultation I can wear a not too tall wedge heel and for running in the forest or to be on my feet all day I wear a comfortable pair of good leather boots.  Finally found a black pair on sale online that I can't wait to wear!  This is my uniform for all kinds of weather in blues, tans and black.  I can dress it up with a beaded print top or gold sweater.  So easy! A pop of color brightens things up for winter accessories...knit caps, infinity scarves and those inexpensive gloves Target has to keep your hands warm that won't cost much and make a big difference!

My big splurge is a good leather camera bag or handbag.  I buy them every other year and they last forever!  Really, they do.  I buy everything on sale from Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Anthropologie and Target.  Well, I'll pay full price at Target when I really love it.  It's not like I have a ton of clothes and shoes.

My goal this year is to stick to the uniform.  I got rid of a ton of things I had for years that wore out or that I never wore.  I'm looking forward to minimizing this part of my life but still looking good.  Maybe I'll lose some weight but I'm worth it at whatever age or size I am.  So are you!

Tell me about your favorite wardrobe changes you've made recently in the comments.  Better yet, link to your favorite place to shop or your favorite style blogger/Instagram account!