So it's another challenge on Iheartfaces...pink and props!

feed the baby bird

I love this photo of Isabella, she was so hungry and it was the first day her mommy had been gone for a little bit so when she got back she was in no mood for picture taking!  But we were all excited to try the birds nest I had made of a smaller grapevine wreath supporting a larger wreath with some natural mosses, grasses and wildflowers woven in.  There is a soft comfy round pillow in the middle under the blanket.  The bird's nest prop makes this photo so perfect, her mood was like a baby bird that needed feeding NOW!  She was quiet and fine as we were settling her in and trying to figure out how to pose her.  Then she let loose and here she is, the delicate fragile beginnings of female life.
The challenge for this week includes pink to remind women to think about their breast health and breast cancer prevention.  With all the public education and awareness month, marathons, mammograms, fundraisers,...the statistics for breast cancer has not improved.  It is important that women educate themselves on their health and that we as women educate our daughters on how to live the best life possible to prevent cancer of all kinds...by our lifestyle, by our diet, by our choices.

I am now watching women my age who took birth control long term face breast cancer and other hormone driven cancers.  Do you know the difference between a synthetic hormone and a natural one?  Do you realize the profit in pharmacueticals for women and that drives a lot of our health care today?  This is my photography blog, but it is Breast Cancer awareness month.  Make choices so that you and the women in your life can live long enough to have many photographs taken.

My sister is an herbalist who works with holistic doctors in treating cancer patients to build their immune systems even while undergoing traditional cancer therapies.  You might enjoy this article on preventing cancer... http://www.botanicawest.com/understanding-cancer-prevention-and-treatment-part-1/


  1. What a sweetie- very cute picture!


  2. Precious in pink here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness....what a bundle of pink joy. :)