So I'm portfolio building with Samantha, our maternity shoot.

it's a girl - selective color b/w
too cutesie, really...but it's about babies, CUTE  BABIES!
A new life, to carry a baby is such a gift.  It was always a favorite part of my life...pregnancy and babies.  I felt loved and beautiful.  I think that is why I look forward to photographing mama's and their babies, I know how fast that time goes by...how precious those memories are.  I am portfolio building with my daughter Samantha and we are asking friends to let us photograph their special moments as images showcasing our work.  Our friend Gina is expecting her first baby and she is so beautiful with her cute dimples, beautiful pregnancy glow and her sweet, in love hubby.  We did a practice shoot at 7 months along to prepare for her full pregnancy shoot at 8 1/2 months.  We don't want to mess up the important full belly photos and she will enjoy seeing the changes that happen in the last trimester...the silhouette shot will really show those changes since the baby does the most growing in the last 6 weeks. 

baby bump silhouette
we started out with her barefoot but she loves her heels!
Because my camera is being repaired, I set up the shots and held props (the clothesline and some fabric draping) so Samantha could captured the images.  I jumped in when I thought my old camera could handle it...it's an entry level DSLR, 4 years old...a digital dinosaur.  The last three images are from Samantha.  I have to say, a full frame camera really captures the light and detail so much better.  I have camera envy.  It's interesting that Gina noticed that maybe Samantha was not as into it as I was.  I get way too excited with the poses, the cuteness of the belly, the beauty of a new mama...Samantha gets in a zone, hyperfocused... looking for the light, looking for her inspiration and the right angles...looking for the real emotions to show in the image.  That's why she is such an amazing photographer, Gina and her husband absolutely loved the pictures and the results show how much Samantha gets into it.  

Here are Gina's favorites from Samantha...and since it's also wednesday, these are todays

In our portfolio building, we give the clients a few 4x6 prints of our best shots in a mini album along with a price list for prints and enlargements.  They view the best shots on our 17" macbook pro laptop although we are looking to project them larger with the completion of our studio. We can't wait til the 8 1/2 months along shoot AND my camera will be back from repair!  It is all just so exciting!

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