1/365 Paella

Yeah, finally getting around to doing a 365 project.  I want to see how much I improve over the year.

Now I know what you're thinking...365 days of posting?  365 days of what?

Isn't this supposed to be about photography.  YES!  EXACTLY!  But guess what? My recently married daughter, the last one to leave thereby giving me a new lease on life TOOK MY CARD READER!  So I will be taking photogaphs for a 365 but when they will be posted is a different matter altogether.  I would buy a new one, they are certainly inexpensive enough...but I spent my last money on the meal I photographed for the first image of my 365 project.

$200.00 of beautiful mussels, clams and shrimp on a saffron scented bed of fluffy rice made flavorful with handmade andouille sausage (filling in for spanish chorizo) and garlicky chicken served with a beautiful salad and a fruity, lush sangria for 16.  I spent every last penny of my  last paycheck on this gorgeous meal that you can only imagine until I get my memory card reader back or buy a new one with the next paycheck on friday.  Do you think I can get away with a description only on the recipe blog?

Edited!  Here is the Paella photograph.  I can see some things I could have done to improve the photograph.  There are too many empty glasses in the picture.  I should have moved them out and maybe moved a couple of full glasses of Sangria in as well as a basket of bread.  Food photography is a little harder when you have hungry people waiting to eat it!


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  1. It may have cost you $200 but it tasted like a million dollars Virginia, you did such a wonderful job, your presentation was beautiful, there was plenty for everyone and we had such a great time. I forgot to get your sangria recipe, I liked yours so much more than I like mine.....thanks again sisterfriend for lunch.