So Wanna Be Chic...

...well at least be the "go to" photographer of the chic.  I think our clients are pretty special.  They often have lots of different fashionable changes of clothing whether it's a maternity session or getting ready for their wedding!  They are chic because they sparkle with the happiness of whatever they want to capture in fine art photography.  They love deeply and share their joy of life with friends and family and me!   What a privilege to have this job! 

This photograph really shows what I do.  I scouted the location the week before planning for the best light, I made the floral hair wreath all based on this couples relationship and the guitar he wanted to bring that he often plays and sings just for his lovely wife who is expecting their first child.  They wanted a mountain setting and were happy that a meadow was included as well.

I am entering this in a forum for photographers called chic critique.  They have a wonderful magazine and many talented celebrity photographers to learn from and I would love to be a finalist in their Photography Idol competition.  Check it out!...chiccritiqueforum.com/

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