A new year, a free Calendar a month to download!

So I've been designing calendars of my favorite images.  A food calendar to hang by my refrigerator, a flower calendar to hang by my alarm clock, an inspirational business calendar to put on my desk.  I created a template so I can even make custom calendars for my clients of their favorite images from a session.  They go on these little sycamore wood stands that started out as menu stands.  I like that I can print them up for each month or give them as gifts starting with the month I make them.  Who says a calendar must start at JANUARY?  If I give them to a client or friend in July, they don't want the previous 6 months.  I can start a one year calendar gift at whatever month I please.  How fun is that?

So I decided to give my blog readers a 5x7 calendar month for free to download and print on card stock.  Hang it on your fridge, tuck it into your list making notebook, tape it to your bathroom mirror.  You can place it on a small plate stand or easel to stand it up on your desk.  Every month there will be a new calendar.

Here on Old Mama Dog, New Tricks I will feature a page from my daughter's photography calendar for www.samanthasmitharroyo.com of her self portrait work with inspirational quotes because she continues to be my creative inspiration (seriously, her elopement photography is the stuff of dreams).  If you have an interest in food than you can find a food on film calendar page at Vintage Recipe Smith.   Flowers are featured on my The Vintage Eclectic Life calendars.
To download this calendar page go here and use the code 2170 to download your calendar.

Enjoy!  Next post I have some great organizing tips and tools for your business.  Wait til you see how cute my office is!  You'll love it.  I have jumped on the gold accent trend.  So glad gold is back, my 70's gold chandelier in my office is back in style!  

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