So I like to take pictures...

   Yeah, lots of people take pictures.  So many of them take way better ones than I do, so other than my friends (and even then!) who really wants to look at mine.  Thats the thing, the "it", what I want to learn.  How to create a photograph that draws you in, that conveys feeling, draws out emotion from the viewer or helps them to see what is being expressed whether it's an idea, an inspiration or a point of view.  I know I have a good eye trained from being a visual person. But I want to be a photography ninja, one with my camera and a master at that!

   I like to be good at what I do.  I can cook really well and I am always being asked for my recipes.  Its always "a little of this and throw some of that in" so learning to write the recipes has required patience and taking my time.  (Let me tell you right now I am an old mama dog with the attention span of a puppy)...sigh.  Okay, now I think I got that down but then people lose the recipes and I gotta find them or write them down again...AAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!  So then I thought about blogging (anytime access for everybody) BUT that means pretty pictures of beautiful food!  That means styling the plates, finding a clear spot in the mess I just made cooking the food, making sure there is enough light and taking the picture before it gets cold or the family has started eating it!  There is no do overs for a bad photograph without waiting for another meal and nobody is going to want to eat more of it right away no matter how good it was.  That became the first reason to improve my photography skills.
   I bought a new camera and learned that the 50mm lens from my old camera would fit and work perfectly for my food photography photos blurring out the unnecessary backround enough to add mood but not detract from the FOOD!  This, I learned is called "bokeh".  Still not sure how to pronounce it but I love the effect.  So now I am taking nice, pretty photographs of food for my friends to be inspired by on my recipe blog... vintagerecipesmith.blogspot.com

   But then DSLR cameras were changing at lightening speed because they still didn't take as nice of photos as an SLR film camera.  That meant an upgrade especially because a great need was brewing for great photography efforts...A...GRANDCHILD!  That's a whole other post and then some.  So I will leave it at that and here we go.

   I have posted a slide show of my flickr account photos for all to see my evolution as a digital photographer.  So what do you think so far?


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  1. Good luck as you embark on your business. I am in the same boat.