So I went on this Iheartfaces photowalk...

Iheartfaces photowalk 1
I really like the Iheartfaces blog and everything they offer to improve my photography so when they announced their first Photowalk across America...it sounded like fun and I wanted to go.  I wanted to meet some of the people behind the photography I'd seen on Iheartfaces AND an added bonus was an outing to Dana Point Harbor.  One of my first dates with my husband was a restaurant called "The Jolly Roger" overlooking the harbour...sigh, good memories.  I hadn't been that way in years since I moved inland to the  country.  I signed up and my friend Trish  who loves photography more than I do (without telling her - SUPRISE!)

Trish and ME!
taken by Amy Nguyen, click on the image to see her flickr photostream!

Although we had been on flickr photowalks (the guys mostly ignored us) before, we were looking forward to this one hoping we could learn a few things and meet some supportive photographers in all ranges of ability.  There was a group leader (professional photographder Susan Keller) but she had to leave early for a wedding shoot.  That was a little disappointing but "we go with the flow where ever we go".  She starts us off with the opportunity for headshots of each other since we often don't photograph ourselves and it was a good idea for our personal blogging profiles.

IheartFaces PhotoWalk 4IheartFaces PhotoWalk 8IheartFaces PhotoWalk 7
the group leader, angry julie who has a cute blog & unknown

Then we headed off to a jetty to take a group photo and any shots we wanted on the way.

IheartFaces PhotoWalk 2IheartFaces PhotoWalk 3IheartFaces PhotoWalk 11IheartFaces PhotoWalk 14

Right off the bat we met a couple of young moms that were like a version of us 20 years ago (except they knew way more about photography than we did).  I feel bad I could not remember both their names...one was Sharon and she gave us pointers on manual settings, her friend had this cool loupe around her neck that fit over the lcd screen and enlarged the view of the photos taken.  We LOVED that and must have one!  She sent me the link to buy it here... bhphotovideo.com Another photographer had a white balance ring for over the lens hanging around her neck, she said it really helped and was easy to use.  It seemed handy to have helpful tools hanging around your neck but I would need a personal instructor hanging there too and that might be a little much.  

Sharon  IheartFaces PhotoWalk 18
Sharon and Shannon (after looking at almost 5000 photowalk images...figured out her name)
Sharon's beautiful photo was taken by Shannon Flores, click on the photo to see more.

I had a hard time leaving the beach.  It was so peaceful and beautiful but this was a PhotoWALK not a PhotoSitonyerbuttatthebeach.  I love the photos I got there.  By this time the crowd was headed through the dock area to the lunch restaurant.  We were straggling in back with Sharon and Shannon having a good old time.  By the time we got there the group leader was long gone, there were only a few people left and the lunch was ...meh.  Actually my lunch was terrible but the manager came out and replaced it with a pound of unbelievably flavorful just out of the smoker smoked salmon to take home.  I wish it wasn't a 2 hour drive to go back and get some more!  After lunch those cutiepies Sharon and Shannon gave us more tips and then we said goodbye.

IheartFaces PhotoWalk 15

Trish and I walked around a took a few shots of interesting things and people on the way back to the car and ate a wonderful lunch she packed of fresh spring greens with poached fish and greek yoghurt with fresh blueberries.

IheartFaces PhotoWalk 21IheartFaces PhotoWalk 24IheartFaces PhotoWalk 25

On the way back to the car a woman was searching the trash for recyclables.  I am always still moved by the resourcefulness of those with less to provide for themselves in such a well to do area.  If I was in a really bad predicament, would I be humble enough to do such work?  Hmm

IheartFaces PhotoWalk 22

Over all it was worth the 4 hours of driving we did that day to go.  There is another photowalk hosted by Scott Kelby in July.  I might try that one even with all the real professionals and "dudes" that will be attending...Will you be going?  Did you go on this one?  Link your blog in the comments!


photo by the group leader, Susan Keller (a REAL and talented professional)...click to see this and her other photos on flickr

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  1. I’m signed up for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk, too! We’re doing the Little Italy location in San Diego. A couple of my Facebook friends have agreed to go. It was fun meeting and dining with you at Dana Point. Even if that bird tried to take your head off ;-)

  2. Gosh, *I* was disappointed I had to leave early!! :-( What a neat group of photographers!! And maybe next time it should be a PhotoSitonyerbuttatthebeach!! ;-) Especially if it's that beach and that gorgeous again.
    I'm so glad you and Trish made the trek out to join us...