So I learned a new way to spell "Miracle" at WPPI...

and it has a whole new meaning for me.  Along with the miracle of a baby, I now will think of Me Ra Koh which means to me confidence and the support of other women reaching for their dreams.

See this in black and white as well as a couple more photographs in my flickr set.

I went to the WPPI trade show in Las Vegas to improve my photography, learn some skills and see what is available to me as a photographer (thanks to Blueberry Hill!).  I went with a friend who has some amazing opportunities and great gifts as a photographer (I will introduce you in another post) but feels she doesn't  have the confidence to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional photographer.  She met a speaker at the Sony booth she found inspiring and found out she was speaking the next day.  She realized her pass wouldn't let her see her speak so  I checked the internet to see if there was any other appearances in our area.  I found this invitation to actually spend time with Me Rah Koh personally at a lunch that included shooting with models!  We were so excited to have this opportunity together and as I was already very familiar with Me Ra Koh's story, I traded passes so she could go and hear Me Ra's confidence discussion.  

I had signed us up for the Garden Party as well.  What a miracle to have just what we needed to direct us in the direction of our dreams!  The most exciting part for me was to hear women speak who had applied for the SOAR scholarship like I had (although the year before) and who didn't win.  They took it hard as I did but pushed towards their goals in spite of not being chosen.  That made me very excited.  I feel like I'm too old sometimes and there are many who don't take me seriously (including myself sometimes).  But the miracle of meeting women just like myself was soooo inspiring!  There were gifts given by sponsors to those in attendance that I am grateful for, that I consider a blessing to help me reach for my goals.  There were younger women who made me feel like one and the same along with them, that reaching for my goals could be attainable no matter what!


It was appropriate that some of the "models" we shot was a beautiful new family.  The miracle of a new baby to draw together mama and daddy to each other as well as to their baby.  It is a love I have felt four times in my own life, when hope and the future looks it's brightest!  I am so comfortable photographing babies.  I kind of held back and watched everyone else take their pictures and when the crowd thinned out a little, I jumped in with my red sweater and my favorite ideas not even realizing I had taken and cradled the baby in my arms as I gave direction.  It is just so natural to me and someone pointed it out, thankfully the parents didn't mind (they were so sweet and fun!).  I hope they enjoy these photographs of their beautiful little girl Hannah as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Thanks to Julie Watts for taking the lead with all of us on this shoot!

hannah's sweet smile          babyhannahfeelsthisway

I have a new baby now, my photography business.  Every day I will care for it and nurture it, train it and grow it.  Thank you Me Ra Koh for the miracle and inspiration along with the other women!  Thank you Mike, Rachel and Hannah for letting me spend time with you to photograph your family, may you continue to be blessed in your family as I have been.  Thank you Trish for coming with me on our trip that became a journey of sorts, won't you all come along and see what happens?


  1. How exciting to have a comment from Me Ra Koh herself which I have cut and pasted for posterity!

    Virginia, I LOVE your blog post!! I tried to leave a comment but couldn’t get it to post. Here’s what it was. I hope you see this. Thanks for sharing all that you did on your blog!


    Dear Virginia,
    Thank you so much for all that you shared in this blog post. I’m so excited to hear how much you enjoyed the SOAR! Garden Party. As women, we totally need each other, especially when we are fighting for our dreams. You go girl! Don’t let those voices talk you out of it. And when the voices get to nasty and loud, email me, come to the http://www.soarority.com forum and let us remind you of how you and ALL of us are worthy of our dreams.
    Much, much love to you,
    Me Ra

  2. Virginia! It's so true...we need you and your passion and style around here and the SOAR community. I want to know how your friend reacted to Me Ra's incredible platform speech that morning!
    Don't let anything stop you ladies... "You deserve to experience a vibrant life in perfect harmony with the abilities and passions you posess."