...so it's time for another Iheartfaces challenge, love it!

b/w whole world in his hands
I love creating this pose for newborn photography and I recently took this image working with a wonderful family at a WPPI event with Me Ra Koh (You can read about it on my two previous posts).  Here it is in black and white with a little quick and easy refinement editing from flickrs piknik tool - it printed beautifully on a pearl paper sample I got at the WPPI trade show!  Don't forget to see more on Iheartfaces anything but a face challenge!


  1. Thanks for your comment, haha, how funny is that. Your photo is amazing, the contrast and lighting is perfect! And the composition is brilliant.

  2. Beautiful photo! Such sweet newborn feet!

  3. Not only is it a beautiful image, but it's photographed so well. I love it!!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful job. What I loved most is how intently yet calmly you dove in and directed them into this vision. It was lovely to watch...

  5. Beautiful. I love how simple it looks, yet it speaks volumes.

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  6. Liv, I am happy to help. Today is a "Pay it Forward" kind of day somehow. I am laid up recovering from the a bad flue for the first time in years. There have been a lot of young people needing encouragement today and I am just the old mama dog to do it!

    Thanks for all the kind words on my image, I am still waiting to hear from the family to send them their image files if they want them.

    I have a blog link to "A Picture's Worth" by Photoshelter. I highly recommend it, especially today when so many have encountered some big negativity. Let's all try and do something different.