...sometimes a photograph inspires the art

I decided to reinstate hump day happiness to get you through the week even though somebody creeped me out with what it means to them, the sicko.  For those of you that toil away at work or at home longing to get through the week or be somewhere else or following your dream, I offer a little inspiration.

Have I mentioned my daughter is a photographer?  Okay, I'm a proud mama.  It's exciting to see her blossom as an artistic person and to see that her work inspires others makes me very proud.  Recently she was going through her tumblr and unexpectedly found a sketch inspired by one of her photographs.  It was drawn by another talented young woman in Chile.  Her flickr stream is all sketches based on the photographs she finds in tumblr.  Some of her sketches would take you to the kittens if they were photographs probably as NSFW but I love the simple sketch she created from Samantha's very innocent photograph.  (I'm an old lady and since many of my blogreaders are children's photographers, I thought I would just give a little warning but I want her mama to be proud she is getting exposure too!)  

Here is her pretty little sketch...
le chat

Here is Samantha's photograph that inspired it...
Poor little rich girl

I can't tell you how excited I was when my favorite blog from the writer of a favorite decorating book The Paris Apartment used one of her photographs in this post.  We live in a small town on the way to nowhere and Samantha would like to do commercial/fashion work.  As she finishes her schooling and continues to photograph, we hope the internet exposure is a good thing.  We'll see won't we?
Note:  The cat in the photograph (Neal) has been missing for a few days with the recent cold storms.  We are hoping his sweet nature captivated another family and not the coyotes, owls or hawks.  We miss him dearly as does his brother.   

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