...SOOC Seascape too beautiful for words, an adventure!

sooc Cannon Beach, Oregon
I went to Portland Oregon for a few days to join my beloved on a business trip and decided to drive here, a place I didn't know anything about other than it would be worth the drive and it had big dramatic rocks.  My husband and I drove down during a heavy downpour (tsunami warnings from Japan's quake kept us from going on a nicer day weather wise).  Our GPS took us the most roundabout way possible so we got there very late in the day, almost sundown.  But it was totally worth the drive to get this shot!  
We walked down to the beach between some houses with my tripod in a freezing wind and the clouds parted for just a moment .  Everything went from blue/grey to natural sepia sand tones and I was fumbling like crazy with my settings...since manual is still new for me.  The light kept changing and so did my settings...this is my favorite shot, I can still hardly believe I got it!  We drove a total of 6 hours to see this...oh, and our dinner was amazing as well...we drove back to Portland happy with our adventure although a little nervous on a dark unknown road in the rain!  I feel like a real photographer now.

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