...so it's April Fools and March's Best Face!

and as they say, there's no fool like an old fool.  I have been furiously working on orders, projects and a website so I was caught unawares with the shenanigans that is April Fools Day.  I got caught up in an email prank, I was totally thrown off by Iheartfaces.com's goofy post for a new "Photography Posing Guide book"  and editing Photo Booth pictures just made me realize that today is no day for serious work.  So here is an image from one of our Photo Booths that will make you laugh.  Heeeeeere's Johnny!
photoboothfaces - there's been some pretty crazy April fool's shenanigans today so this pictures my mood as a result.
For more April Fool's pranks to tickle your funnybone, go here! ...or here for another photography joke!

In all seriousness, this was a test for a basic photobooth with a plain white background where the faces of those being photographed are the focus.  The images can be fun with props or people can use the photobooth as a DIY portrait session.  I've been meaning to capture Johnny's faces before he outgrows his goofy stage and won't do them anymore so this is my favorite face for March.  You can see more at Iheartfaces.com