White Feather a la Marie Antoinette

My middle daughter just got married and the obvious choice for an entry to the white challenge on Iheartfaces would of course, be... a bride in her wedding gown.  But my favorite photograph that I took from that day was this one of my youngest daughter.  The hairdresser was inspired by a photograph my daughter had given her and she ended up with a very Marie Antoinette look.  The hairdresser told her she could give her hair a more platinum blond look by powdering chalk on a nail file and dusting her hair.  I can't believe my little tomboy has grown into this beautiful young woman who loves to primp and dress so girly, who loves shoes and pretty things.
Marie Antoinette with white feather
We all agreed she looked very french, very Marie Antoinette.  (Can you believe she is half Mexican?  If I didn't have her at home, I would have taken her back to the hospital thinking she wasn't mine because she was born with strawberry blonde hair)  A creamy white peacock feather was added for the final touch and I had to photograph her satisfied face, happy with how she looked.

This photograph was taken in natural light and processed using Flora Bella Luxe II collection using "Milk"...what else for a white challenge?  You can see more wonderful entries featuring WHITE here!