So it's all about the sun flare...and how we love it!

Joshua Tree Engagement Session

How we love to photography in the late afternoon/early evening because of the sun and how we love the sun flare!  It adds to the mood of a photograph, giving it a warmth and joy we want in our images.

Once I took some images to be printed by a local processing lab and the owner chastised me in the rudest terms for our amateur images, that sun flare is a poor cover up for good technical skills.  As I looked around at the prints on display, I saw 80's style photography and composition I would consider unappealing.  I know how well my daughter knows her camera and how hard we have both studied to hone our technical skills so that our images need very little editing straight out of the camera.  We have become familiar with all types and styles of photography (because I just happen to have a rather large collection of vintage photography/books/magazines from conducting estate sales) in order to train our photographic eye.  She didn't change my mind about our love of the sun, sure it can be overused and there are lot's of ways to use light in a photograph.  That's the fun of photography and thank goodness for sites like Iheartfaces that embrace the sunflare!

This image is from an engagement shoot that I styled for my photographer daughter's engagement session with a couple of other up and coming photographers in Joshua Tree National Park.  The session was just so much fun and so beautiful.  We had the best weather and a wonderful picnic as well.  I was able to take a few pictures myself despite being the "mexican pack mule", chef and stylist for the shoot.  This is my own unique image with my favorite antique silk parasol.  Our website will have more images from all the photographers the first of October.

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  1. this is a beautiful shot! i love sun flare too.

  2. Beautiful! I love the shadow in the umbrella!

  3. I love the feel of this image! I love the umbrella and the flare. Great job!